+ Are your sauces vegetarian, vegan and gluten free? Do they contain nuts?

Our range of sauces includes some vegetarian and vegan items, some that contain seafood, shellfish and pork. Some of our products also include tree nuts and seeds. Please check the description of the sauces in our Shop to find information about these ingredients and allergens.


+ How long will the sauces last?

We do not use added artificial preservatives in our sauces and condiments. So we recommend storing them in the refrigerator at all times. Shelf life spans from fifteen days up to two months depending on the sauce (indicated on the bottle) — but it’s likely you’ll want to finish them up sooner!


+ How come my sauce tastes a little different this time?

Our products are handmade and homemade. We are dependent on a number of vendors for our ingredients, and for fermented items the weather plays a part too. So while we strive for consistency there may be slight variations from batch to batch.


+ When will my sauce be delivered?

We run on a weekly production and dispatch cycle. All orders received through the week will be delivered on the following Tuesday.


+ How do you deliver your sauces?

At the moment we deliver across most of Bangalore city. Our primary delivery partner is Dunzo, but at times we also use WeFast and other local delivery services.


+ Do you ship your sauces to cities outside of Bangalore?

We are working on setting up a smooth delivery system for other major cities too, but the pandemic has made things a bit trickier. So it may take us a little longer to iron out the kinks. 


In the meanwhile, do WhatsApp us at +91 7014312960 to check if we can send something to your outstation address.